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Is your home or business in Seattle, WA in need of plumbing and sewer services? All Phase Plumbing can fix any plumbing or sewer problem. We handle major sewer back-ups that require excavation equipment and we also handle minor inconveniences like clogged drains and toilets.

Need help with a kitchen or bathroom remodel at your home or business? We’ve got you covered!

Call All Phase Plumbing and we will take care of your plumbing and sewer problem in Seattle, WA. We have all the latest technology to handle any type of repair; plumbing installation, sewer and drain service or new construction plumbing rough-in.

Residential Plumbing Services

Sewer cleaning

For simple clogs we can use traditional snaking equipment to clear the clog. For more complex clogs we have hydro-jetting or water jet equipment that uses water pressure to clean and clear sewer lines. This service can protect your sewer from frequent back-ups. You can rely on our expert plumbers and technicians to recommend the best sewer cleaning option for your home or business.

Storm sewer cleaning

Here in Seattle, WA storm sewer frequently becomes clogged because of all the heavy rain we receive. Storm sewer can become very clogged when there are lots of leaves and lots of rain flowing into the drains. If storm sewer is not cleared it can flood your home or business. Call All Phase Plumbing when your storm sewer needs to be cleaned. We have the right equipment and the right people for the job.

Sewer line repair

We offer all types of rain and sewer line repair and use a variety of technologies to complete any residential or commercial work in Seattle, WA.

Sewer repair trenchless technologies

This is the preferred method for repairing sewer lines because it does not require excavation of your home or business property. We can use two types of trenchless technology:

  • Pipe bursting
  • Pipe lining or CIPP technology

We locate the damaged portion of the pipe using our camera inspection equipment, then we insert a new pipe into the old pipe. The pipe is “inflated” or lined in place and a special epoxy is used to ensure that the new pipe does not leak. This new process is called Cured In Place Pipe repair or CIPP Technology and is a very cost effective way to repair broken sewer lines.

Sewer repair excavation

Sometimes sewer lines are so damaged that trenchless technologies won’t work. In this case excavation may be necessary. All Phase Plumbing has the equipment and experience to handle major excavation projects to repair broken sewer lines. Trust our experts to use the right equipment to get your home or business running smoothly once again.

Grease trap services

In commercial kitchens and restaurants in Seattle, WA grease and food can be a major cause of clogged sewer and drains. Keeping your grease trap clean is important to running a safe and clean restaurant. We can install grease traps and we pump existing grease traps to keep them running optimally.

Camera sewer line inspection

Maybe you know you have a clogged drain or sewer line but you don’t know where the clog is located? No worries! We have video inspection equipment that can be placed into your pipes so we can precisely pinpoint the point or points in the pipe that are blocked. Images from this camera will tell us whether we need to just clear the back-up using water jet or hydro-jetting equipment or we may determine that the pipe needs to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes we may need to repair the line using trenchless technology. Fortunately the camera takes the guesswork out of plumbing and sewer problems.

Rough-in plumbing for construction or remodel

Have a new construction job or remodel that requires sewer line work? Call All Phase Plumbing today for help with that construction or remodel project in Seattle, WA. Fair and honest pricing for projects big and small.

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